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Price Lists

5x7 no matt 32.00
with 8x10 matt and frame 80.00

7x10 no matt 45.00
with matt and frame 135.00

8x10 no matt 60.00
with matt and frame 155.00

4x10 no matt 40.00
with matt & frame 125.00

8X12 no matt 75.00
with matt and frame 175.00

8X20 no matt 125.00
with matt and frame 255.00

10x24 no matt 225.00
with matt and frame 395.00

10-12x30 no matt 295.00
with matt and frame 425.00

12x36 no matt 300.00
with matt and frame 575.00

12x40 no matt 360.00
with frame 595.00

16x48 no matt 485.00
with frame 575.00

22x60 no matt 585.00
with frame 785.00

11x14 no matt 115.00
with matt and frame 250.00

16x20 no matt 175.00
with matt and frame 395.00

20x24 no matt 325.00
with matt and frame 595.00

20x30 no matt 365.00
with frame 525.00

24x30 no matt 550.00
with frame 775.00

All matts are acid free-all frame prices are based on aluminum frame stock
Larger sizes or different frame style on quotation only

Canvas Prints-----------------------not stretched --- stretched
8x24 on stretcher wrap around------------130.00 225.00
12x24 on stretcher wrap around------------145.00 290.00
16x16 on stretcher wrap around------------110.00 225.00
16x24 on stretcher wrap around------------155.00 325.00
24x36 on stretcher wrap around------------250.00 490.00
12x36 on stretcher wrap around------------175.00 395.00
18x30 on stretcher wrap around double wide 195.00 425.00
18x48 on stretcher wrap around double wide 295.00 595.00
24x48 on stretcher wrap around double wide 325.00 600.00
18x60 on stretcher wrap around double wide 395.00 795.00
24x72 on stretcher wrap around double wide 425.00 875.00
30x72 on stretcher wrap around double wide 485.00 895.00
Gecle Prints-On acid free paper
5X7-6X6 with 1 border 55.00
8x10-10x10with 1 border 95.00
6x16 with 1 border 95.00
17x11 with border 225.00

Taxes 5%GST due on all shipments in Canada
plus 5%PST on all sales in Saskatchewan
Shipping smaller sizes
To 8x10 framed, insured 40.00 Canada
To 16x20 framed, insured 75.00 Canada
To 24x30 framed, insured 125.00 Canada
To 8x10 unframed, insured 25.00 Canada
To 16x20 unframed, insured 45.00 Canada
To 24x30 unframed, insured 75.00 Canada
Ship to the US is based on size and by quotation only

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